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How to get a Gameboy Advanced Emulator / Pokemon on iPhone

I'll be telling you how to get a Gameboy advance emulator on your iphone. It's really simple just follow the few steps below and you'll be playing in no time.

Step 1: Ipen up a browser (safari or other)

Step 2: Search for "gba4ios" or go to

Step 3: Click "Download GBA4iOS 2.0" (Might take 10 seconds to pop up)

Step 4: Click "Download GBA4iOS 2.0.2"

Step 5: Click install As soon as it starts installing go to next step)

Step 6: Be quick with this one go to Settings>General>Date & Time> Turn Set Automatically off>Click the date at the bottom> Change it to before February 2014

Step 7:After it's downloaded feel free to change date back

Step 8: Open App and accept terms.

Step 9: Top Right hand corner click "+"

Step 10: Now just find any game such as Pokemon or something and download. If it doesn't download you messed up on step 6.

Enjoy Everyone Smile
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I remember finding this a while ago on HF. Nice of you to bring it over here for others.
[Image: Jf7LXhH.png]
Never seen it there but wouldn't doubt it, it's apretty known thing but some people don't know how.
Private message me with Questions, Comments, or Concerns.
Ha nice, I have this on my phone, it's pretty sick, I recommend it to Pokemon fans
" I am God "
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I saw my friend using this app, looked pretty cool.
Thanks for the tutorial! Had this before the new ios came out and didn't know how to get it work once I updated thanks Smile

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